Getting through where others give up.

Why Unimog?

  • Strikingly dynamic, incomparably strong and absolutely reliable. That’s the Unimog concept. The Unimog is a vehicle and tool in one. A work machine for challenging jobs, expeditions or disaster intervention.

  • The Unimog transports crews, material and heavy equipment to any remote work location.

  • The outstanding off-road design can cope with any challenge, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology.

  • Low-maintenance engines, steep torque curve and large output reserves let you tackle the most difficult terrains with your Unimog – year after year.

Unimog Front 1400X600

Superior in every situation and over any terrain.

Extreme off-road capability or great working and operating comfort? The Unimog U 4000/U 5000 gives you both. From its spacious, air-conditioned cab to its smooth gear shifting with AutomaticShift or fully synchronised electro-pneumatic manual transmission – the Unimog provides everything to help make demanding jobs as easy and comfortable as possible.


The Unimog: a living legend.

Created during the hard times following the end of WW II, the tough Mercedes-Benz Unimog is one of the few truly still-living legends of legendary automobiles still in production. Over decades, the Unimog has proved itself worldwide as a versatile implement carrier and transport vehicle; roughly 380,000 vehicles have been produced to date. What remains unchanged is its basic idea: four wheels, equal in size, outstanding off-road mobility due to its portal axles, four-wheel drive and differential locks at front and back, compact dimensions and – last but not least – its ability to provide power for a great variety of attached and mounted implements. The series production vehicle known as the “Universal-Motor-Gerät (tool)” – abbreviated to Unimog – has been proudly bearing the Mercedes star since 1951.

The future of Unimog: a vision in green.

The spectacular design concept was unveiled during the Unimog’s 60th anniversary celebrations, in June 2011. It combines the past and future of the Unimog in an extremely avant-garde way. The Unimog DNA with its unique concept features is the starting point for imagining this design concept, the Universal-Motor-Gerät (Unimog) of the future. The designers were inspired by an unusual amphibian, the poison dart frog: Just like the Unimog, it is extremely mobile both in water and on land. The striking hue reveals another link between past and future, as green was the colour of the very first Unimog and numerous follow-up generations.

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