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From Actros models to engines, gearboxes and cab variants.


The Actros delivers an exemplary performance in long-distance transportation and distribution applications. It was especially developed for these tasks and therefore offers the best basis for your individual operation. The Actros meets your requirements by offering various model solutions and corresponding applications.


The powerful, robust Actros powertrain incorporates more than 120 years of experience in truck production, fulfilling highest quality standards. All components are designed and built for highest robustness, withstanding most extreme climate conditions, difficult terrains and demanding applications. But above all, it delivers precisely the power you need for all long-haul transportation and distribution tasks.


The Actros comes with an impressive newely developed design. Beyond the exterior design, the appeal extends to the spacious and ergonomic cab interior, providing a clearly arranged driver's workplace which makes the vehicle operations easy and safe. With its cabs geared to various operating profiles the Actros opens up hitherto unattained dimensions of working, living and sleeping in long-distance transport.

The S-Cab ClassicSpace: compact and efficient.

The S-Cab ClassicSpace is characterised by the practical, comfortable workspace as well as by the staircase-like entrance plus a very good overview. With a width of 2,300 mm the S-Cab offers great all-round visibility which provides protection against collisions if space for manoeuvring is especially tight.

The M-Cab ClassicSpace: room to work and rest.

Thanks to its greater length than the S-Cab, the M-Cab ClassicSpace offers more room and stowage space. And for even more comfort it can be optionally equipped with a folding bunk to allow the driver to rest.

The L-Cab StreamSpace and BigSpace: spacious and relaxing.

The Actros L-Cab StreamSpace offers a generous amount of space, stowage facilities and headroom. It is fitted with a comfortable bed which makes the Actros suitable for applications lasting more than one day. Even more comfort is offered by the L-Cab BigSpace which is designed for a great freedom of momevent and plenty of stowage space. It is the ideal option for applications regularly involving overnight stays.

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