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From Arocs models to engines, gearboxes and cab variants.


From platform vehicle to concrete mixer and heavy-duty tipper, the road and all-wheel-drive variants of the Arocs offer a particularly tough and robust vehicle to meet any challenge even in desert, gravel or paved conditions.


The powerful, robust Arocs powertrain incorporates more than 120 years of experience. All the components, from the air intake to the turbo retarder clutch, are designed to meet the regional needs. But above all, it delivers precisely the power you need for the tough jobs in off-road transport. The complete powertrain was adjusted to meet the outstanding conditions of the Middle East and North Africa. To ensure reliability, robustness, efficiency and performance it was completely made by Mercedes-Benz.

A new dimension in high performance engines.

The new in-line 6-cylinder engines have higher engine efficiency through the wastegate turbocharger, the optimized viscous fan clutch and the intelligent auxiliary consumers.
The OM473 (Euro III), a state of the art 6-cylinder in-line 15.6 l engine opens a new dimension in high performance engines. The turbo compound unit transforms thermal energy into mechanical energy and thus increases the operating efficiency of the engine. The engine has additional power by lower fuel consumption. In addition the X-Pulse fuel-injection system reduces the fuel quantity.

Drive more efficiently, build more efficiently.

Experience the pure power of the Arocs: with high engine output and optimal power transmission. Thanks to its innovative drive system, it deals with any terrain with ease, even in the most demanding conditions.

Arocs Mixer

The S-Cab ClassicSpace: compact and efficient.

The S-Cab ClassicSpace is characterised by the practical, comfortable workspace as well as by the staircase-like entrance plus a very good overview. With a width of 2,300 mm the S-Cab offers great all-round visibility which provides protection against collisions if space for manoeuvring is especially tight.

The M-Cab ClassicSpace: room to work and rest.

Thanks to its greater length than the S-Cab, the M-Cab ClassicSpace offers more room and stowage space. And for even more comfort it can be optionally equipped with a folding bunk to allow the driver to rest.

The L-Cab StreamSpace and BigSpace: spacious and relaxing.

The Arocs L-Cab StreamSpace offers a generous amount of space, stowage facilities and headroom. It is fitted with a comfortable bed which makes the Arocs suitable for applications lasting more than one day. Even more comfort is offered by the L-Cab BigSpace which is designed for a great freedom of momevent and plenty of stowage space. It is the ideal option for applications regularly involving overnight stays.

Robust down to the last detail. Also beyond the foundation.

The cabs of the Arocs impress with their practical design, robustness and safety. At first glance. With every individual detail. And whenever it really counts. All the robustness and reliability of the Arocs is reflected in the cabs. In the durable cab bodyshell – which is comprised 100 percent of fully galvanised sheet metal panels – and to an equal extent in the athletic, powerful design.

Arocs Robust
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