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From Zetros models to engines, gearboxes and cab variants.


Whether in on-road or off-road conditions, the Zetros is your powerful ally when it comes to short, medium or long-range tasks in construction, transportation, oil & gas and many other industry segments. The Zetros is powered by engines delivering 326 hp and 428 hp, which are known for their high level of reliability, long maintenance intervals and low fuel consumption. Offering heavy-duty versatility, the Zetros is available as chassis or semitrailer tractor and comes in two-axle and three-axle versions, along with almost unlimited possibilities for superstructures.
**only available with Zetros 6x6


Engineered for the region’s ultra-challenging tasks. All components of the Zetros powertrain, including the powerful engines, are designed to withstand the Middle East’s tough conditions. From the gearboxes to the engine cooling system, everything is designed with performance in mind. However extreme the climatic conditions and however difficult the terrain, the Zetros won’t let you down.
**only available with Zetros 6x6

A supportive work environment: the Zetros bonnet cab.

The cab, which is positioned behind the front axle, and the suspension configuration complement each other to create an ideal working environment. The outstanding driving comfort of a bonnet of cab overhang makes work a lot easier for the driver and co-driver, who are familiar with the seating position from standard vehicles. Furthermore, balanced axle-load distribution ensures reliable handling on any surface. Besides the M-cab, the Zetros is also available with a crew cab offering seats for up to seven people.

Zetros Bonnet Cab

The M-cab: extra room to stow gear.

With the cab positioned behind the front axle, the Zetros offers constructional advantages. The comfortable M-cab is designed to meet the needs of the driver and passenger during any type of operation. Additional space behind the seats allows for extra stowage.


The crew cab: seating for up to seven.

For tasks requiring a complete crew, the Zetros crew cab is the ideal fit. Made of steel, it is 2.5 m long and has four additional seats in the rear section, as well as doors on both sides.

The crew cab offers seating for up to seven people, including the driver. Steps lead into the cab, making access quick and easy.

These features of the crew cab make the Zetros an ideal and reliable partner e.g. in the fire fighting sector. 

Zetros Cabs Crewcab

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