EMC and Fleetboard celebrate 10-year partnership with Western Bainoona Group

Abu Dhabi - Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA (DCV MENA) and the General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Abu Dhabi – Emirates Motor Company (EMC) celebrate a remarkable milestone of a 10-year partnership with Western Bainoona Group (WBG). WBG has been using Fleetboard, the telematics solution for Mercedes-Benz Trucks for a decade now. They are one of the largest, and most professionally run fleets in the region, with every Mercedes-Benz trucks in their fleet activated with Fleetboard services.

Based in the UAE, WBG is one of the most prominent names as an integrated group in the areas of construction, land transportation and crushers, and has been a cornerstone in the development of Roads, Bridges and Infrastructure projects in the United Arab Emirates.

“We truly value the partnership and appreciate the trust from Western Bainoona Group. Together with EMC, we are committed to providing the best services and to further strengthen our long and prosperous partnership”, says Olaf Petersen - General Manager Daimler Trucks Sales, Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA.

In 2011, Fleetboard was first introduced to WBG and after an initial trial with the activation of Fleetboard’s Driver & Vehicle Management services on some of their Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor head units, WBG soon noticed the potential savings and benefits achievable with Fleetboard.



Fleetboard’s unique Driver Performance Analysis, Trip Records and Service/ Uptime data

By actively utilizing the data from Fleetboard’s unique Driver Performance Analysis, Trip Records and Service/Uptime data, WBG did not only benefit from operating cost savings such as fuel consumption, but also an increased uptime due to efficient management of services schedules. This led to the management’s decision to equip Fleetboard as standard in all of their Mercedes-Benz Trucks in 2015. As of today, there are over 250 active Fleetboard units in WBG’s fleet.

“At Western Bainoona Group, we continuously enhance our capability to ensure we remain the forefront of our industry and having Fleetboard installed in our Mercedes-Benz trucks which enables professional monitoring and management of our fleet, is our commitment to provide excellence to our customers.” says Zouheir Chamandi, President of Western Bainoona Group.

Zouheir adds, “thanks to Fleetboard, we managed to save over 10% of fuel consumption from idling and achieved almost zero fuel loss from potential fuel theft, by tracing fuel loss data with the Trip Records, Mapping, and Driver Performance analysis.”

Customized Driver Training support based on Fleetboard’s Data

The drivers at WBG received customized driver training offered by EMC based on the data from Fleetboard’s comprehensive Driver Performance Analysis report. The results: improved driver grading leading to lower fuel consumption, less wear and tear and increased vehicle uptime.

WBG uses Fleetboard’s Service and Uptime data to manage and schedule the servicing of their trucks. Uptime data such as Current and Stored faults codes, ensures that pro-active fault code monitoring leads to less workshops visits and increased vehicle uptime. On WBG’s new Actros and Arocs fleet, all Service and Uptime data are also managed by EMC with a long-term service contract.

WBG’s plan for further integration with Fleetboard

As connectivity and auto-data processing is fast evolving, WBG’s next step is to link the massive data available from Fleetboard, into their SAP system, and to look at innovative ways to simplify processes, such as using data from Fleetboard to further lower operating costs, and automate processes such as automatic job card creation based on service data from Fleetboard.


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